Sunday, May 22 2022

Apps for Financial Projections

There are many options available when it comes to financial projection software. Here are some of the most widely used applications: Jirav and LivePlan, PlanGuru and Smansha. These apps let you develop financial scenarios and projections. It is also possible to communicate your findings with other users by using interactive dashboards. While these apps are useful, we would suggest you read reviews before you make your decision.


PlanGuru is the financial projections app that you should use if you're an owner of a business who spends too much time on Excel spreadsheets. With its spreadsheet-like interface and automatic functions, PlanGuru automates and simplifies complex forecasting and budgeting procedures. This app removes the hassle of managing complicated excel sheets and offers 20 different ways to forecast. The app allows you to import Excel data, calculate expenses and report dividends.

You can choose between a cloud or desktop version of this software. The software is reasonably priced per user. The website of the vendor provides more details about the product and the method of purchasing it. The seller offers a trial trial, so you can test it prior to purchasing. The app was designed to assist CPAs in the process of creating and managing financial projections. It also makes sure that projections are correct. It's versatileand can be used by businesses of any size.

The PlanGuru financial projections software comes with many useful features. It allows you to compare a company's performance to that of its peers in the industry with the financial projections tool. You can also determine the proportion of reviewers based on organization size. This program will help you save time and improve the accuracy of your financial forecasts. This program can be used on any computer that has internet access. It is recommended for smaller and medium-sized enterprises, but it may not be suitable for larger businesses.

PlanGuru's integrated balance, income and cash flow statements help to make multiple budgets and forecasts. By incorporating intelligent techniques and a swiss structure, this financial projections app will prove to be an asset for your business. PlanGuru lets you create detailed budgets that can be date-stamping up to 10 years ahead. It also provides budget versus actual data that will help you gain a better knowledge of your company's financial situation, and which steps need to taken.


Jirav's financial forecasting software are a great tool for small and medium-sized companies to generate accurate, meaningful forecasts. They can automatically generate 3-way financial statements, including an Income Statement, a Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash flows. Jirav can forecast as long as 60 months of cash flows. You can alter key assumptions and create customized models to meet your specific needs. Jirav makes it simple to create sales forecasts and industry-specific revenue models. You can even include deferred revenue backlogs in your forecast.

Jirav's financial forecasts apps integrate with QuickBooks Online or Desktop. Jirav integrates into QuickBooks and pulls daily information from the accounting software. The data can also be imported from NetSuite or Intacct accounting softwares. Jirav's dashboards as well as customizable reports and reports allow users to alter their forecasts. Its intuitive interface is easy to use, no matter if you have an existing accounting system.

Jirav's business apps integrate the accounting, workforce and operational data to provide extensive forecasts. The cloud-based data Jirav utilizes to create its financial models automatically eliminates the possibility of mistakes in spreadsheets. Additionally, Jirav's financial projections apps enable users to collaborate on various scenarios, including workforce planning, bookings, and forecasts for sales. This gives you a greater knowledge of your business's operation.

Small businesses can benefit from financial projection software to help them plan for every scenario, however small or big. With an integrated system Jirav's COVID incorporates plans and integration capabilities to provide real-time insight into cash flow. The user interface is comparable to Excel and allows departments to cooperate more effectively. It is simple to use and does not require need for training. It assists companies in organizing their budgets, forecasts and reports in an efficient method.


Business owners can design and share financial projections with ease with LivePlan. LivePlan's intuitive interface facilitates financial reporting for even the most novice of users. You can communicate your business plan to others and create intelligent presentations by using a variety of specific business templates. LivePlan's financial forecasts app tracks real-time changes as well as updates in financial information. This makes it an excellent instrument for managing your business plan.

It is loaded with great features , such as the ability to import financial data from QuickBooks or Xero. Additionally, you can write your plan in your native language and select the appropriate output language. The app allows you to input financial data using any currency symbol. If you are a team member or a user of various departments, LivePlan's features for collaboration make it the best tool to manage projects in a team. LivePlan's shortcomings shouldn't be a issue.

LivePlan includes templates and charts that can be shared with other users. You can share investor-friendly decks with the help of LivePlan's online community and can easily invite collaborators to review the plan. LivePlan allows you to build custom dashboards and record important milestones. It boasts market-leading measurement capabilities that let you to quickly compare your company's growth with other. LivePlan allows you to quickly develop a comprehensive plan for your company.

Using LivePlan's financial projections app is quick and easy, and it includes over 500 templates. Each template has instructions and specific terminology for creating financial projections. It's also possible to examine your projected figures against industry benchmarks. You can also use GoSmallBiz to help you get up and running using LivePlan.


Smansha is among the apps for financial projections that is included in Intuit QuickBooks. This program allows users to simulate future cash flows and then compare them to figure out what works. It is a time-saver and an enormous time-saver for business owners who are busy. It assists them in planning for unexpected expenses, and also increases the accuracy of their plans. It is available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Smansha connects users to more than 40 other lenders. It's an ideal small business cash flow application. It's got powerful predictive algorithms which can provide predictions prior to the time you need these. It can also be integrated with popular accounting software, like QuickBooks Online or Xero, making it easier to make informed decisions. It's easy to obtain the quote within a matter of minutes, so do not hesitate to sign up.


Vena has an easy-to-use interface that allows cross-functional collaboration. Vena can be integrated with existing systems and departments to give instant insights into the flow of cash. Vena is easy to use and comes with a zero-learning curve. It lets users to manage forecasts, budgets, reports, and other data. It allows businesses to analyze and manage every aspect of their business's lifecycle. The cloud-based application can be used with Microsoft Excel.

One of the primary negatives of Vena is the fact that the price isn't clear. It's simple to use However, some users complain that it's not always fast when uploading data or making templates. Users' adoption is another worry. Users have reported slight performance lags. Vena is not the right solution for all businesses however it's an option for those who require automated financial projections.

Vena's native integration in Excel gives users a better view of their company and financial performance. This app for financial forecasting helps businesses to manage their annual as well as quarterly, monthly and annual budgets. It can also do variance analysis, too. cost projection template offers a single view of all financial operations. Vena's financial planning apps can be integrated with Microsoft Excel and provide businesses of all sizes with a competitive budgeting solution.

Because of its comprehensive feature set, Vena reduces the time spent on financial consolidation and streamlines intercompany transactions, calculation of minority interest, and other more complex procedures. It simplifies and streamlines important tasks, like the creation of process maps. It automatically routes data, generates journal entries, and also sends updates and approvals to users. It removes the need for manual data entry and frees finance departments to focus on analysis and other value-added functions.